Christmas Messages

Amidst the mesmerizing lights of giant parols, The nostalgic melody of Christmas carols, Amidst the warmth of friends, the love of family, and decorations that make our streets so glittery,

Forget not the real meaning for this festive season, a Blessed Child born, who gave up his life and all, so we could be saved from eternal fall.

Focus On Christ As Lord, Pray as One IN Thanksgiving!

In this season as we set our hearts anew, I pray more blessings find their way to you, and in that old familiar traditional cheer, I wish you a Merry Christmas, and a Joyous New Year!

Jennifer Tan, MD / Ryan Rodriguez, MD.


May this Yuletide Season bring warmth to our HEARTS as it rekindles the LOVE for one another and may PEACE be amongst all of us. Merry Christmas!


Emil Jaca, MD


Let us LOOK BACK on the experiences we had in 2016 and appreciate the hard lessons we learned, as much as the challenges we surpassed with flying colors. In the coming new year, let us continue to SEE THE GOOD in life, especially in the people around us, both at home and at work and perhaps more importantly, may you always see the good within you. May the Christmas holidays be an opportunity for you to SHARE and ENJOY THE GIFTS of peace, love, and hope.


Pipo Ronque, MD


As the Three Kings followed the Star of Jerusalem to reach baby Jesus, so do I wish and pray that we all find our true north that will guide us towards our true calling.

Happy Holidays!


Jubaida M. Aquino, MD


Wishing everyone serenity, love and joy this Christmas. May the magic of the holiday season stay with you all throughout the coming year!

Marie Joan V. Loy, MD