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Historical Perspective on the Creation of Focal Point

Dr. Reynaldo E. Santos, upon the suggestion of the then PSO President (1989-1990), Dr. Rudolfo U. Chuanico took the initial steps in creating a forum that resurrected the concept of the PAAO Newsletter during the incumbency of Dr. Gloria D. Lim as PAOO President (1977-1982). The maiden issue of the generic PSO-PAOO Newsletter came out in 1990 during the mid-year meeting in Baguio. The aim was to bring to the members of the PSO and PAOO, Council news, institutional announcements, PBO communications and other related matters that interested members. The black & white issues, consisting of 4-6 pages, were put up on a quarterly basis with the help of industry partners, chiefly Allergan, Philippines. Dr. Santos made timely use of this print forum during the resistance movement of the PSO & PAOO against the infamous “Optometry Bill of 1992” to alert members on the developments in Congress and the Senate about this legislative agenda – during the time that he became the official spokesperson of both organizations in dealing with the print and broadcast media relative to the protestations against the onerous provisions of the proposed bill that seemed to encroach on the practice of medicine. Thru the media, PSO & PAOO were able to successfully rally other professional medical organizations, the DOST, NAST, DepEd, DOJ to their side – to effect an eventual presidential veto to the bill during the first few months of President Fidel V. Ramos as the newly elected president of the Philippines.

After sometime, Dr. Santos, launched the “Name Your Newsletter Contest” but it generated only one (1) entry from the membership during the contest period. In 1996, he finally gave the name of “Focal Point: PAO Highlights & News Reviews” with Dr. Santos & Dr. Rene Edgar Mendoza as its founding editors. The publication this time was made possible with the generous support of Ciba Vision and in 1999 by Pharmacia & UpJohn. With little manpower to run the newsletter, Dr. Santos took on the additional task making news worthy items from the Executive Council Meetings, writing some feature items, collecting contributions from various institutions and acting as the copy editor while Dr. Mendoza - being the more senior person, took on the task of writing the editorial for the issues. With the combined efforts of the founding editors & contributors from various institutions - the newsletter soon evolved over time with the creation of a formal editorial staff, business manager and correspondents that led to a more structured format with banner headlines, improved & timely coverage of Council activities, the PAO President’s Diary, international news, better and more interesting features, more regular contributions from participating institutions, more colored photos and better paper quality. Later on, associate editors were nominated and named (Dr. Princess de Leon-Fermin, Dr. Ma. Evelyn Ambrosio, Dr. Cynthia Domingo, and Dr. Jacqueline H. King – among others) to help in the further improvement of the news forum. Dr. Carlos G. Naval became its first managing editor. The sponsorship of the publication of the Focal Point was later taken over by Pfizer, Philippines in 2004 and after sometime the cost of production and courier services of the newsletter to members were becoming too prohibitive for the sponsors and the Academy – so that the electronic version was soon conceived and en-fleshed into its present  format and medium sometime in 2010.


Editorial Staff  answer the Proust Question: Who would you be if not yourself?

Jubaida M. Aquino, MD

I’d be the anti-me, a version of myself from Earth 2 of a parallel universe.



Marie Joan V. Loy, MD
Managing Editor

If I were not myself, I'd be a cardiovascular surgeon.



Yvette Marie B. Santiago, MD
Senior Associate Editor

If not myself, I would be a celebrity chef of molecular gastronomy.



Emil Andre R. Jaca, MD
Associate Editor

If I were not myself, I'd be a neurosurgeon.


Charl Marlo A. Jimenez, MD
Associate Editor

If I were not myself, I'd be a professional DOTA player.




Eleonore B. Iguban, MD
Associate Editor

I would probably choose to be a food/ travel blogger and a CEO of an established corporate empire.



Peter Paul T. Ronque, MD
Associate Editor

I would be a social entrepreneur.




Ryan C. Rodriguez, MD
Multimedia Editor

I still want to be an astronaut.



Anna Liza Angco-Tovera
Secretariat Liaison

If I were not myself, I'd be a school teacher



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A print and miltimedia design outfit.



Contributing Authors

Sherman Valero, MD
Lizel dela Paz, MD
Meliza Carla T. Agoilo, MD
Rachel R. Milante, MD
Emil Balitaan, MD
Karen Francia, MD
Raymond Nelson C. Regalado, MD
Erika Salvame, MD
Armida L. Suller, MD
Norman Fajardo, Past PSPOS President
Analyn Suntay, MD
Maria Victoria Rondaris, MD
Ryan Rodriguez, MD
Francis Lee Hok, MD
Rommel Bautista


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