by Norman Fajardo, MD

The Philippine Society of Pediatric Ophthalmology or PSPOS held its own version of “electronic on line" elections this year to ensure member participation in the electoral process especially those who are based outside Metro Manila and members who are not able to attend the annual business meeting physically. It has also adapted the “corporate way” of electing officers wherein all members will nominate 6 names and the top 6 will elect among themselves the different positions available namely, President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Public Relations Officer and Auditor. Apart from these 6 positions, 3 Regional representatives for Luzon (primarily non-Metro Manila based practitioner), Visayas and Mindanao were either appointed or elected in their respective groups.

After the shift was deliberated by the outgoing Executive Council, the proposal was presented to the general membership through the PSPOS yahoo group, Facebook group and Viber thread. Dr. Catherine Macaraig and Dr. Joanne Bolinao were appointed as COMELEC. All members were asked to send 6 names to the e-mails of Dr. Macaraig and Dr. Bolinao who collated the votes independently. Members were given 1 week to vote and follow up text messages were sent to members who have not voted during the last 2 days. The collated votes were sent to the president who audited the votes submitted to each COMELEC member. After determination of the concordance of the votes submitted to both COMELEC members, the winners were officially announced to the group.

Right after the PSPOS symposium the six winners met and elected the specific positions of the Executive Council. The short meeting was presided by the outgoing president who will act as an ex- officio member of the incoming Executive Council. During the dinner Business Meeting of PSPOS on the same night, the results were presented to the members. Thirty-two of Thirty five (32/35=91% turnout) active members sent their votes on-line. The feedback from the group was positive so the system will be adapted in succeeding elections. The following members were elected to the Executive Council: President- Dr. Fay Cruz, Vice- President-Dr. Patricia Villa, Secretary - Dr. Carlos Chua, Treasurer - Dr. Ricardo Ventura, Public Relations Officer- Dr. Ronald Reyna, Auditor - Dr. Michelle Lingao, Luzon Representative - Dr. Roland Tan, Visayas Representative - Dr. Lizbeth Regner and Mindanao Representative - Dr. Melissa Gonzales.

PSPOS indeed has found away to make a cohesive organization using available technology. Thank you to Yahoo, Facebook, IMessage and Viber!

About The Author

Norman Fajardo, Out-going PSPOS President, self-proclaimed wine connoisseur.