UST Wonder Men and Women

by Jessica Daza-Robes, MD

Last June 3, 2017, the Thomasian Alumni Ophthalmology Society, with its President, Dr. Jesus Jacinto Bautista together with the University of Santo Tomas Eye Institute Chairman Reynaldo Javate, held a block screening of Wonder Woman at Trinoma Mall in Quezon City.

The movie was about Diana Prince, played by Gal Gadot, an Amazonian princess trained to be a warrior who left her home for the first time to fight alongside men in a war to end all wars. In her journey to save the world, she discovers her true powers and became “Wonder Woman.” In a time wherein we grew up knowing superheroes with the likes of Batman, Superman, and Spiderman, it is very rare that we see a movie with the woman superhero as the lead. The movie showed her full character- emotional, insecure, confident, and hopeful and not just someone who has a beautiful face and body. The movie is not about “girl power” but about how women and men can all come together make the world a better place. Much like in Ophthalmology, we have seen how the role of women has evolved. From a then men-dominated practice, Ophthalmology now has more women taking key-leadership roles and making big leaps in the advancement and delivery of eye care.

Proceeds of the movie will be for the benefit of medical and surgical treatment of select indigent patients that will be chosen during the Sight- Saving Month in August 2017.  

UST Ophthalmology residents together with Chairman Dr. Reynaldo Javate and UST consultants Dr. Ryan Lee Olonan, Dr. Carlo Nasol, Dr. Dennis del Rosario, Dr. Ian Paredes, Dr. Trina Coronel-Nasol, Dr. Ian Dy


About The Author

Jessica is a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery in University of Santo Tomas. She is currently a 1st year ophthalmology resident in the same institution.